Montgomery is changing curbside collection policies and fees

Residents of Montgomery, Alabama, should take note of the new regulations for leaf disposal as we head into autumn and the leaves start to fall. Getting your leaves picked up from the curb will require following these rules.

In the past, residents had the luxury of not having to bag their leaves, grass clippings, and shrubbery during the months of October to April. However, the City Council has recently made the decision to do away with this policy, placing the responsibility on the citizens to properly dispose of their yard waste.

According to city officials, failing to bag your yard waste may result in an extra fee. However, they have assured citizens that they will be given a grace period to comply with the regulations.

Chris Conway, the public works director in Montgomery, acknowledged that the introduction of this new system will take some time for both the government and the citizens to get used to. He believes that the first year will primarily be a period of adjustment.

As part of its ongoing efforts to improve city services, officials have announced a new fee structure for curbside pick-up of large items such as appliances and mattresses. This change is aimed at ensuring that the cost of these services is more closely aligned with the actual expenses incurred by the city. While this may represent a slight increase in fees for some residents, overall the goal is to provide more efficient and effective services to the community.

The city’s new policy allows them to charge a maximum of $180 per load, as opposed to the previous rate of $25 per item.

According to Jerime Reid, the Chief Operating Officer of Montgomery, the cost of curbside trash collection that does not meet the criteria may be lower than the standard $180 fee. The actual cost will depend on the amount of trash that needs to be collected.

This covers objects that are smaller than a cubic yard, as well as branches that measure less than 4 feet in length and 8 inches in diameter.

According to a statement issued by Redi, the city of Montgomery had a moratorium in place for several years that did not require residents to bag leaves, grass clippings, and other debris. However, after experiencing delays in curbside trash pickup over the summer, the mayor ordered a comprehensive review. The review revealed that it takes sanitation workers an average of 15 to 20 minutes per stop to collect loose leaves, grass clippings, and similar items. To improve efficiency and increase the frequency of servicing homes and businesses, the mayor is pushing for changes that will significantly reduce the amount of time it takes to collect these items. Redi is urging residents to bag loose items to facilitate better service and efficiency for the community.

Councilman “CC” Calhoun is currently developing a policy that would mandate homeowners and apartment owners to have a dumpster available for tenants when they move out. The objective of this policy is to prevent evicted tenants from leaving their personal belongings on the curb.

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