Fire causes extensive damage to Montgomery church on Sunday afternoon

A fire broke out on Sunday afternoon at a Montgomery church, causing significant damage. Fortunately, no one was injured in the incident. At approximately 1:10 p.m., Montgomery Fire/Rescue arrived at Hall Memorial CME Church located in the 500 block of Seibles Road in response to an emergency situation.

Upon arrival at the brick structure, firefighters were met with thick smoke and intense flames. A second alarm was immediately sounded, and crews swiftly commenced a defensive attack on the fire. Within a mere 20 minutes, the situation escalated, and a third alarm was declared, prompting additional teams to be dispatched to the scene.

According to Pastor Sam Gordon, they were simply greeting the attendees at the conclusion of the service when he heard some crackling sound. He immediately noticed smoke and fire, and urged everyone to evacuate the church.

As he delivered his sermon, he was convinced that a fire was brewing. As the pastor recalled the events of that day, he mentioned how the fire department had informed them that the fire had been raging for some time. During the service, he couldn’t help but notice the heat in the room. He had even remarked on it, saying how he was already sweating before he had even started preaching.

The firefighters arrived after all the church members had already escaped safely. According to him, everyone made it out alive. He mentioned that there were even elderly individuals in their 80s and above who managed to leave the place on their own without any assistance. As firefighters battled to save their church, the congregation stood outside, watching with hopeful anticipation.

As the church grapples with the aftermath of the fire, there remains uncertainty over the timeline for repairing the damage and finding an alternative place to worship next Sunday. However, amidst the chaos, the church community is grateful for the fact that many people were inside when the fire broke out.

According to Gordon, they were surrounded by God’s protective shield throughout their ordeal. He acknowledged that God took care of them and demonstrated that he was still in control. The Bureau of Investigations is currently investigating the cause of the fire.

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