Wisconsin school district supports BLM group, causing outrage by blaming Israel for Hamas invasion

The Wisconsin school district has been facing backlash for supporting a Black Lives Matter group that blamed Israel for the invasion of Hamas. The controversial stance taken by the BLM group has caused outrage among many in the community. Despite this, the school district has continued to stand by their support for the group, leading to further criticism and controversy. The situation has led to a heated debate about the role of politics in education and the responsibility of schools to remain neutral on controversial issues.

Kristina Watrobski reports on the ongoing crisis in the classroom.

Milwaukee Public Schools are seeking assistance from their students to create a design for their “2023-24 Black Lives Matter at School” t-shirt. The district is asking for design ideas and submissions from students in an effort to engage and involve them in the process. Photos of the submitted designs will be displayed by the MPS.

Wisconsin’s biggest school district is encouraging students to take part in a contest that supports Black Lives Matter at Schools. However, the initiative has faced criticism due to its alleged attribution of blame to Israel for the Hamas terrorist incursion.

Milwaukee Public Schools and the Milwaukee Teachers’ Education Association, the district’s teachers union, are hosting a competition where students can submit design ideas for the district’s “2023-24 Black Lives Matter at School” t-shirt. The students are being given a chance to contribute to the selection process of the t-shirt design.

The deadline for submitting design ideas is on Thursday, and the fortunate winner of the competition will be rewarded with a $100 gift card.

According to its official website, Black Lives Matter at School is an organization dedicated to fighting for freedom and equality in education. The group has gained support from some of the largest teachers unions in the United States, including the National Education Association and the American Federation of Teachers.

The Black Lives Matter at School movement has recently come under scrutiny once again, this time for its handling of the Israel-Hamas conflict. In response to the ongoing violence, the organization issued a statement on Tuesday that attributed the situation to the historical effects of Israeli settler colonialism, land dispossession, occupation, blockade, apartheid, and attempted genocide of millions of Palestinians. This statement has been met with criticism and controversy. It’s important to note that this organization has had past issues with allegations of misusing funds.

“Decolonization is not just a figure of speech or an abstract concept, but rather a tangible and ongoing battle that Palestinians are reminding us of,” stated Black Lives Matter at School.

Parents Defending Education (PDE) is of the opinion that these remarks ought to serve as a cause for Milwaukee Public Schools to pause and reconsider their support for the said organization.

Numerous Black Lives Matter groups are facing criticism for expressing solidarity with Palestine following the Israeli invasion. In particular, Black Lives Matter Chicago shared an image of a Palestinian flag attached to a paraglider, which some people have compared to the paragliders utilized by Hamas militants to assault an Israeli festival.

After the Chicago-based group posted a message that drew outrage from social media users, many of them criticized the group for being “appalling.” They pointed out that the group seemed to have forgotten that the Jewish and Black communities have often been aligned in the face of historical oppression.

The grassroots movement, Black Lives Matter, has recently issued a statement in support of Palestinians. According to an article by The National Desk, the group expressed their “solidarity” with those who are resisting the prolonged period of settler colonialism and apartheid, which has lasted for 57 years.

The Mountain View Los Altos school district in California has taken a unique approach to encourage student involvement in social movements. As per recent reports, the district is asking students to create social media posts supporting a range of social movements, including Black Lives Matter. The move is part of the district’s broader effort to promote student engagement in social causes and to raise awareness about important issues affecting society.

CITC has made attempts to contact Milwaukee Public Schools, the Milwaukee Teachers’ Education Association, and Black Lives Matter at School for comment. If any responses are received, this story will be updated accordingly.

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