The 10 Most Haunted Forests in the World

As travelers, we’ve all come across tales of spooky forests that send shivers down our spines. While some may choose to avoid such places, there are others who are drawn to the mysterious allure that these woods seem to possess. Venturing into the depths of the forest can be an exhilarating experience – one that allows us to embark on a journey of exploration and discovery. And for those with a keen sense of adventure, it presents an opportunity to encounter the supernatural.

In different parts of the globe, there are locations where rumors about paranormal activities persist. These places attract modern-day ghost hunters who come equipped with various gadgets like motion detectors, electromagnetic field meters, and air ion counters, all in search of conclusive evidence of the supernatural in some of the world’s most renowned forests. Others visit these places for the same reason people watch horror movies – to experience an adrenaline rush and immerse themselves in a spooky story that makes them question the possibility of its authenticity.

1. Black Forest

The Rhine River boasts a breathtaking landscape that is straight out of a fairy tale. The thick forest of fir and pine trees is so dense that the sun barely penetrates through the foliage. It is a perfect setting for mythological beings such as sorcerers, werewolves, witches, and the kindhearted dwarves that are often found in these enchanted woods.

The world-renowned Brothers Grimm found inspiration for many of their beloved fairy tales in the Schwarzwald region, also known as the Black Forest in English. In addition to the spooky legends that the area is famous for, Karl Friedrich Kahlert’s Gothic novel “Die Geisterbanner” offers an immersive journey into the realm of Black Forest necromancy. However, the region is not just about eerie tales and supernatural folklore. It’s also an excellent destination to explore the rich and authentic Bavarian culture that gave birth to these timeless stories. A visit to the Black Forest promises an unforgettable experience for those seeking a perfect blend of history, culture, and enchantment.

2. Wychwood Forest in Oxfordshire, United Kingdom

Wychwood Forest, a former royal hunting ground, has been known to give visitors an eerie feeling. Reports of invisible hands touching shoulders or the sound of thundering invisible horses have left more than a few people spooked. It’s enough to make you jump at the slightest rustle of leaves.

The story of Amy Robsart is particularly intriguing. She was the wife of the Earl of Leicester and died under mysterious circumstances with a broken neck. What’s more, her ghost is said to have appeared to her husband while he was out hunting and prophesied that he would join her in the afterlife within ten days. Surprisingly, he fell ill and passed away exactly ten days after the ghostly encounter. It is believed that anyone else who encounters Robsart’s ghost will suffer a similar fate.

3. Devil’s Tramping Ground

In the dense woods near Harper’s Crossroads, approximately 60 miles west of Raleigh, exists an enigmatic 40-foot circle where the devil supposedly paces in circles each night, strategizing the destruction of humanity. The tale suggests that within this circle, the ground is completely barren, devoid of any vegetation. Despite the North Carolina Department of Agriculture’s efforts to investigate the soil through samples, the reason for the lack of growth remains a mystery. According to lore, if an object is left within the circumference of the ring overnight, it will vanish without a trace.

4. Enchanting Dow Hill Forest in Kurseong, India

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According to reports, students from Victoria Boys School in Kurseong have heard strange footsteps reverberating through the hallways. However, it seems that the paranormal activity is not limited to the school premises. The adjacent Dow Hill forest is also known for being a hub of supernatural occurrences. In fact, loggers have claimed to have seen a headless boy roaming around the area. Kurseong is widely regarded as India’s most haunted hill town, and some visitors have recounted experiencing an eerie feeling of being watched while exploring the woods around the school.

5. Hoia-Baciu

Hoia-Baciu, also referred to as the Romanian “Bermuda Triangle,” has intrigued paranormal enthusiasts for over 50 years. The forest was named after a shepherd who vanished along with his 200 sheep, and the trees that were once standing straight are now contorted into twisted knots. The forest is said to have a circular clearing at its center, and locals believe that it is a portal from which those who enter may never return.

6. La Isla de las Muñecas, Xochimilco, Mexico

On the outskirts of Mexico City lies a unique chinampa system where the trees are adorned with hundreds of dolls, giving off an eerie, horror-movie-like effect. The island was once inhabited by Don Julian Santana, who claimed to have found the body of a girl in one of the island’s canals over 50 years ago. As a tribute to the girl, he hung a doll on a tree, which eventually led to thousands of dolls being strung up until his death in 2001. While some see the dolls, many of which are missing limbs, as evil, others believe they protect the island. To visit this strange and fascinating destination, head over to the Embarcadero Cuemanco ferry terminal and hire a trajinera, a colorful wooden boat, to take you to the Island of the Dolls.

7. Randolph Forest in Randolph, Maine

The forest, located a few miles south of Augusta, boasts a beautiful hiking trail that follows the path of an old railroad. This railroad was once used to transport Union soldiers to and from a nearby veterans’ home in Togus. However, some visitors to the woods have reported eerie sightings, such as orbs of light and unexplained voices that sound like a chant. Others have even claimed to have seen the ghost of “Bicycle Larry”, a Randolph man who vanished without a trace in 2004. While the forest may seem harmless during the day, we challenge you to explore it at night.

8. Freetown-Fall River State Forest in Bristol County, Massachusetts

The Freetown-Fall River State Forest is a picturesque location known for its stunning hiking trails and beautiful picnic areas. However, it also has a dark history that dates back to the late 1970s. During this time, the investigation into several murders uncovered the existence of a local cult that supposedly conducted satanic rituals in the middle of the forest. This forest is also part of the infamous Bridgewater Triangle, a 200-square-mile area in southeastern Massachusetts renowned for its paranormal activity. Numerous visitors have reported witnessing strange phenomena such as UFO sightings, poltergeists, and even fireballs.

9. Epping Forest: A Natural Haven in London, United Kingdom

Epping Forest, spanning from East London to Essex across its vast 5,900 acres, bears witness to a dark and contentious history. It has harbored infamous figures like outlaw Dick Turpin and cop killer Harry Roberts, and has been employed as a clandestine burial ground for victims of heinous crimes, including the tragic fate of children at the hands of Ronald Jebson. In an episode of the British television program Most Haunted, the host and crew embarked on a quest to encounter the ghost of Turpin but found themselves entangled in its labyrinthine depths, necessitating their eventual rescue—possibly the result of a mischievous ploy by the elusive spirit?

10. Old House Woods

According to local legend, the 50-acre forest near the Chesapeake Bay, which is known as the Ghosts of Forests Past, is believed to be haunted by the apparitions of British soldiers and pirates who buried their treasure there during the 17th and 18th centuries. Interestingly, the forest was named after a deserted colonial-era homestead. The legend goes that in 1880, a fisherman named Tom Pipkin went on a mission to find the treasure but never returned. A few days later, his boat was found with two gold Roman coins and a silver cup inside it. The story doesn’t end here. Another fisherman, Ben Ferbee, claimed that he heard harp and organ music as a colossal ghost ship sailed past him on the bay. The ship continued over the beach and then hovered above the woods as several men, armed with tools, appeared to descend from the deck using a rope ladder.

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