NYPD Officer Saves Distressed Man on Harlem Ledge, Breaks Down Emotionally: ‘I’ve Been in Your Shoes

In West Harlem, the NYPD released bodycam footage on Thursday that depicted officers engaging with a suicidal man. The exchange was tense and lasted almost 40 minutes before ESU officers arrived to save him. It was a harrowing experience for everyone involved.

Officer Carl Fayette empathizes with those in need and assures them that the NYPD has the necessary resources to provide solutions. In a concise three-minute recap of a rescue, he delivers a heartfelt promise to do everything possible to help those in distress.

As captured by the bodycam, the two officers, Fayette and Officer Eleodoro J. Mata, were seen exhibiting a composed demeanor as they attempted to persuade the man to come down from the overpass located near West 130th Street on Riverside Drive.

After the man was successfully rescued from the edge with the assistance of the ESU, the emotional scene concluded with Fayette breaking down in tears. The video captured this heartwarming moment, showcasing the relief and gratitude felt by all those involved.

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