Motorcyclist Charged After Attacking Car with Kids Inside near City Hall

Over the weekend, a motorcyclist attacked a driver who had two children in her vehicle in Philadelphia. Fortunately, the police have arrested the perpetrator for this heinous crime.

A suspect has been identified by the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office as Cody Heron, a 26-year-old individual. The authorities were able to make an overnight arrest in the Frankford section of Philadelphia, specifically in the 4500 block of E. Stiles Street.

During a press conference held on Wednesday, First Assistant DA Robert Listenbee expressed his strong disapproval of the violent and unlawful behavior displayed by an individual. He emphasized that such behavior is completely unacceptable within the city and county of Philadelphia.

According to Heron’s uncle, he witnessed the police arriving at the block. Upon searching the residence, authorities discovered the bike, helmet, and the alleged 9mm gun used during the incident.

Cody Heron is the subject of this paragraph.

Around 9:40 p.m. on Sunday, the suspect was in the company of a group of ATV and dirt bike riders near City Hall when the attack occurred.

According to reports, Heron was captured on video using his feet to smash the rear windshield of a car while a mother and her two young children were seated in the back.

The Philadelphia law enforcement authorities have been in the news lately.

The suspect brandished a black handgun that had fallen from his waistband and aimed it at the woman who was driving the car when she confronted him.

Nikki Bullock was the driver of the car at the time of the incident. Accompanied by her girlfriend, 5-year-old daughter, and 2-year-old son, she was delivering for Uber Eats.

According to Bullock, the biker initially struck her vehicle near City Hall.

Recalling the incident, Bullock mentioned that he began arguing out the window with the other person. The argument went back and forth, and while he was distracted, the individual jumped off his bike and onto his car.

The incident’s video was recorded by…

A video captured by a tourism bus in the vicinity, which later went viral on social media, depicted Bullock getting out of her car and approaching the rider.

During the incident, she engaged in a heated argument with the suspect, which eventually led to his departure from the scene in the company of other motorcyclists.

Finding Heron proved to be a challenging feat. According to officials, he was using an alias online, which led investigators down the wrong path initially.

Deputy Commissioner Frank Vanore stated that it is unclear whether the individual in question created the name or if it was simply a coincidence that others with the same name were located in that area. Moreover, he mentioned that it is also uncertain if the person was intentionally doxing or attempting to usurp another person’s identity.

The Philadelphia police department and the district attorney’s office are optimistic that this apprehension will serve as a warning to other unlawful riders in the city. It is hoped that this stern action will discourage individuals from engaging in such illegal activities that put themselves and others at risk.

According to Interim Police Commissioner John Stanford, the crackdown on such behavior will persist. He emphasized that addressing quality of life issues is crucial as they affect numerous individuals in the city.

Heron is currently facing various charges, which include Possession of an Instrument of Crime, Recklessly Endangering Another Person, and several counts of Aggravated Assault.

A video has surfaced showing a motorcyclist smashing the windshield of a car that had children inside, near City Hall.

Authorities ID motorcyclist arrested after attack on car with children inside near City Hall

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