Montgomery modifies curbside collection regulations and charges

Residents of Montgomery, Alabama can expect new regulations for leaf collection as autumn approaches. It is important for them to be aware of these rules in order to have their leaves picked up from the curb in a timely manner.

In the past, residents were not required to bag leaves, grass clippings, and shrubbery during the months of October to April. However, the City Council has recently made changes to this policy, placing the responsibility of proper disposal onto the citizens.

According to city officials, failing to bag your yard waste may lead to an extra fee. However, they have reassured citizens that they will be given a grace period before any penalties are imposed.

According to Chris Conway, the public works director in Montgomery, the implementation of this new concept would require a period of adjustment for both the government and its citizens. He believes that due to its novelty, the first year would be primarily focused on familiarizing everyone with the new system.

The urban landscape is going through some changes, including a revision of the cost associated with collecting bulky items such as outdated electronic devices and bedding from the curbside.

The city has increased its charges for waste disposal services from $25 per item to a maximum of $180 per load.

According to Montgomery Chief Operating Officer Jerime Reid, the cost for curbside trash that doesn’t meet the necessary criteria may be lower than the standard $180 fee.

This covers items that have a volume of less than one cubic yard, along with branches that are shorter than 4 feet and have a diameter of less than 8 inches.

According to a statement from Redi, the city of Montgomery had previously implemented a moratorium that didn’t require residents to bag leaves, grass clippings, or other debris. However, after experiencing delays in curbside trash pickup this summer, the mayor ordered a thorough review. Based on the data gathered, sanitation workers take an average of 15 to 20 minutes per stop to collect loose items. By implementing changes, the mayor hopes to significantly reduce this time, allowing city crews to serve more homes and businesses more frequently. Redi asks residents to bag loose items to improve efficiency and provide better service to the community at large.

Councilman “CC” Calhoun is taking steps to prevent evicted tenants from leaving their belongings on the curb. He is currently working on a policy that would require home and apartment owners to provide a dumpster when tenants move out. This policy would ensure that the streets are kept clean and free of clutter. By implementing this policy, Councilman Calhoun hopes to make the eviction process smoother and less of a burden on the community.

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