Mayor Adams warns that the soaring cost of the migrant crisis ‘will impact low-income New Yorkers.’

According to Mayor Eric Adams, the ongoing migrant crisis will have a negative impact on low-income New Yorkers. He expressed concerns about having to use the city’s funds to address the issue without sufficient support from the federal or state government. The cost of this crisis is expected to further strain the already limited resources and affect the livelihood of those who are already struggling to make ends meet.

During an interview with Rev. Al Sharpton, Adams issued a grave warning that comes in the wake of his recent announcement that all NYC agencies may have to cut their budgets by up to 15% to cover the expenses associated with the migrant crisis. As per Adams, this is a significant challenge that the city must address as soon as possible.

According to the Democratic official, the city has already utilized $2 billion and is estimated to spend $5 billion in order to provide housing and care for the influx of asylum seekers who have been arriving in New York City.

During an interview on MSNBC’s “PoliticsNation,” Adams expressed concern over the financial burden of supporting migrants. He stated that if they do not receive aid from the federal and state governments, the money to support them will have to come from somewhere, and unfortunately, it will likely hurt low-income New Yorkers. Adams emphasized the importance of receiving additional support to prevent this outcome.

In reference to New York, he referred to it as a “city of immigrants,” while also acknowledging that the current situation is not benefiting anyone.

Mayor de Blasio expressed his concerns about the plight of migrants and asylum-seekers who face immense challenges in their journey. He also highlighted the negative impact of the situation on the economy, particularly for long-term residents of New York who rely on this revenue.

In November, I am scheduled to return and locate $5 billion from our budget. It’s unfair to the city to have to go through this.

The city has already spent $2 billion on the migrant crisis as it opened more than 200 emergency shelters across the five boroughs.

Adams has given notice to all city agencies that they must reduce their budget by 5% before November. This amounts to a significant cut from the city-funded portion of his $107 billion spending plan, totaling several billion dollars.

If the Biden administration or state legislators fail to provide sufficient financial aid early next year, the city may face additional 5% cuts in January and April.

In a YouTube video released on September 9th, the mayor made it clear that the tough decisions to make budget cuts were a direct consequence of the inaction in Washington and Albany.

Over 200 emergency shelters have been established by the city to accommodate a staggering number of more than 110,000 migrants who are seeking refuge from the chaos and violence in their homelands.

According to reports, it has been estimated that the city may need to spend approximately $12 billion by July 2025 to accomplish its goal.

Over the weekend, Mayor Adams reiterated his previous statement about the migrant crisis, referring to it as a “financial tsunami” that could potentially devastate New York City. As reported by the New York Post, he stood by his earlier claims that the crisis would have severe consequences for the city.

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