In Less Than 24 Hours, Wichita Business Faces ‘Heartbreaking’ Losses

A local business in Wichita expressed that the past 24 hours have been quite difficult for them.

According to Brian Miller, the proprietor of Simply Sangria, situated close to downtown Wichita, an unknown individual broke into the business by throwing a rock through a window overnight and made off with the point-of-sale system.

Having had two generators stolen from his trailer last August, he’s all too familiar with dealing with thieves. Thankfully, the police were able to recover the stolen generators. However, the recent incident has left him heartbroken.

Miller expressed his frustration saying, “One puts in a lot of effort in building something and gives it their all. It’s discouraging when someone can easily damage it by throwing a rock in the window and stealing what isn’t theirs.”

Miller shared that he had been at the hospital coping with the tragic loss of one of his employees who passed away in a car accident near Cheney Lake. The employee was Pratiksha Kunwar, a 22-year-old individual who will be deeply missed. This unfortunate event had taken place prior to the break-in.

A Facebook post from Simply Sangria is requesting prayers for both Asha’s family and the business itself. The post reads, “Please keep Asha’s family and the Simply Sangria family in your prayers.”


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