Hundreds of NYC parents protest as video shows man beating 13-year-old Boy

Parents in Brooklyn were outraged after a disturbing incident in which a grown man physically assaulted a middle school student over a basketball game. The attack was so severe that it prompted hundreds of parents to take to the streets and demand immediate action from the school board. Such violent incidents should never be tolerated, and it is essential that steps are taken to ensure the safety and well-being of all students.

On September 28th, a young boy named Brian, whose identity remains anonymous, found himself in a heated altercation on the basketball court at IS 201 in Dyker Heights. He and his friends were confronted by two brothers who were attempting to join the game by force.

According to Brian’s family, the childhood argument between the brothers became more serious when they decided to involve their family, which led to one of their relatives showing up.

As captured on camera, the individual was seen punching and kicking Brian while he was lying on the ground.

As the video footage shows, he attempted to protect himself by covering his head while one of the brothers punched him.

A distressing video showed a witness attempting to intervene during the assault as the attacker once again struck Brian, causing him to fall to the ground, while another individual kicked him.

According to the police, the perpetrator escaped from the location. However, two days later, he arrived at the boy’s house, accompanied by a group wielding baseball bats and shouting racial slurs against Asians, as reported by Brian’s family.

Amidst the chaos, a cousin attempted to diffuse the situation and encourage the group to leave. However, the situation quickly escalated into a violent altercation with objects being hurled and punches being thrown.

Hassan Saab, aged 24, was arrested by the police for allegedly assaulting Brian on the basketball court and outside his home. The authorities were called to the scene, and the suspect was taken into custody.

According to the police report, Saab is facing a number of charges including assault, weapon possession, and harassment. The report states that Saab was found carrying a scooter handle at the time of the incident.

According to the reports, Saab accused Brian’s father of assaulting him with a shovel and causing bruises on his right arm. Subsequently, Brian’s father was also arrested for the same. As per Brian’s family, his father suffered multiple injuries, including a gash on his head that required six staples.

According to the family, they are scared of Saab’s return and are worried about the situation escalating. Their main focus is to seek justice and avoid any further troubles.

Calls for justice are growing stronger as community members express their outrage over the situation. Many are demanding that Saab face the most severe charges possible, while also advocating for the criminal case against Brian’s father to be dismissed.

At a rally outside of PS 264 in Bay Ridge on Wednesday, Karlin Chan, a community activist, spoke up on behalf of the family and stated that the incident was an act of self-defense as the homeowner was protecting his property.

Approximately 300 individuals gathered to condemn bullying and demand justice for the savage assaults.

According to Lucy Ao, the issue of bullying extends beyond the school premises. This is a concern for her, especially since her young children will soon be attending IS 201.

Jim Zhen, a father from Williamsburg, expressed his concern about the incident that occurred in another family. He believes that what happened to them could happen to his family as well.

There have been several alarming incidents of anti-Asian attacks recently. During a rally, when Chan mentioned that the case was not being investigated as a hate crime, a woman from the crowd pleaded with her not to say that it wasn’t a hate crime. This highlights the concern and fear that the Asian community is experiencing due to these violent acts.

According to Yiatin Chu, a parent leader, it is crucial that we take a stand and advocate for what we require- safe environments for our children, quality education, and schools that we trust.

State Senator Iwen Chu has come forward to defend the family of the boy in question and has pledged her support to them.

Chu emphasized that the safety of our children must be the top priority, and there can be no compromise on this issue. She firmly stated that the behavior that poses a threat to their safety must be dealt with severe consequences.

Unfortunately, at this time, Saab and his legal representation were not available for comment.

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