Former Hamas leader threatens ‘global day of Jihad’ Police on alert across state

Amid the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas, law enforcement across the state has been put on high alert, especially in the vicinity of places of worship. The situation demands heightened vigilance and security measures to ensure the safety of everyone.

Communities across the country have been on edge since the start of the war six days ago. However, the situation has become even more tense with a former Hamas leader’s global call to jihad, which has raised concerns about potential violence, particularly towards the Jewish community. In response, police departments such as Perth Amboy are taking every precaution to ensure safety.

Perth Amboy Police Chief Larry Cattano affirms that as of today, there have been no specific tangible threats reported. Despite this, they remain hypervigilant in the areas of concern. Since Oct. 7, police patrols have been increased to ensure the safety and security of the community.

West Windsor has implemented increased patrols and taken additional measures to ensure safety and security in the area.

According to West Windsor Lt. Jeffrey Lai, their team has utilized bomb-detecting K-9s to search the facilities for any potential explosives, and this was done earlier today.

According to him, the issue is not limited to only synagogues and mosques.

According to him, they are also inspecting all religious establishments in response to the threats. In addition, both marked and unmarked units are patrolling the schools to ensure safety and security.

According to Gov. Phil Murphy and the attorney general, the state of New Jersey is not facing any immediate threats. In a recent post on X, the governor confirmed that he had spoken with the FBI and reassured residents that law enforcement agencies are working tirelessly to guarantee their safety.

Authorities are advising individuals to remain alert and mindful of their surroundings, and to promptly notify law enforcement of any unusual activity.

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