During a regular walk, a coyote assaulted and snatched an 11-year-old Pomeranian Chihuahua belonging to a family in Utah.

A warning has been issued in Utah following a coyote attack. This is a serious matter and requires immediate attention.

The residents of Draper, Utah are feeling uneasy after a recent incident where a coyote grabbed a beloved family pet from their front yard. The incident occurred on October 10th at approximately 9:15 pm when Paula Coggins was taking her 11-year-old Pomeranian Chihuahua named Koda for a walk, as she usually did in the evenings. The traumatic event has left the family and the community on high alert for further coyote encounters.

Recalling the terrifying incident, Coggins recounted to KSLTV, “As soon as he grabbed him, I heard a gasp sound and I knew what it was.” She explained how the coyote quickly pounced on Koda’s neck and darted across the yard. Despite her efforts to pursue the animal, it vanished into the night, taking Koda with it.

As Coggins looked back on the past, she couldn’t help but think about the important place Koda held in their family. She fondly remembered how her daughter had gotten Koda during her high school years. However, when the tragic incident occurred, Coggins’ son and husband had immediately tried to search for their beloved pet, but unfortunately, their attempts were unsuccessful.

Coggins shared her worries about the coyote’s boldness, highlighting that, despite her attempts to scare it off, the animal remained unfazed. She expressed her concerns, saying, “If it wasn’t afraid of me yelling and rushing it, it could grab anything.” Unfortunately, following the disappearance of Koda, there has been an increase in coyote sightings. Even more alarming, over the past few months, five animal deaths have been attributed to these dangerous predators.

Amid growing concerns, the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources has announced that they will be providing a reward of $50 to hunters for every proven coyote kill in specific regions as part of Utah’s predator control initiative.

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