Breaking News: Body of Indiana teacher who went missing in Puerto Rico found, presumed dead

Amanda Webster, a teacher from Indiana, has been missing in Puerto Rico for almost a week now. Her loved ones are fearing the worst and suspect that she might have passed away.

During her fall break, a teacher from Thompson Crossing Elementary School, who is 44 years old, chose to spend her vacation in Naguabo, a beautiful town situated near the east coast of the island.

According to police in Puerto Rico, Webster was reported missing on October 11 by the owner of her vacation rental. She failed to complete the checkout process as agreed and left behind her personal belongings. Additionally, her rental car was found parked on the property. The police shared this information on their Facebook post.

A few days after the incident, the Puerto Rican Police took action and activated an Ashanti Alert, a helpful tool utilized by authorities in state, territory, or tribal areas to share important information about a missing adult. This alert system aids in the search and investigation of the missing individual, allowing for a more efficient and effective process.

The local residents were recently informed by the department’s criminal subdivision about their active search for Webster, starting on Wednesday. Additionally, the search party was joined by emergency agencies from neighboring municipalities and the U.S. Forestry Service. The search is being conducted in Casa Parcha, a commercial rainforest zone where Webster was last seen by a resident.

Here’s what we know so far.

What information have police released so far?

The authorities faced a challenge in identifying whether the victim was male or female, and were unable to confirm if the individual had been a victim of a violent crime.

At the moment, there is no further information available for release.

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What happens next?

At present, the main priority of Webster’s loved ones is to pay tribute to her legacy and cherish her memory.

The vivacious and imaginative art instructor had previously embarked on solo journeys, but she was particularly thrilled about the prospect of hiking, camping, and discovering new places on her excursion to the island.

While away from Indiana, she had a knack for staying in touch with her loved ones and keeping them informed about her plans.

According to Webster’s loved ones, the body that was discovered by the Puerto Rico police from the river is believed to be hers, as stated by her dear friend Sharon Rickson.

Rickson shared that Amanda strongly believed in the significance of the arts in enhancing one’s life. She was a vocal supporter of providing arts education to everyone, and the team aims to find a meaningful way to honor her legacy.

Webster’s loved ones are currently gathering funds to establish a scholarship in their memory.

According to Rickson, the teacher possessed a rare combination of virtues that made her an excellent educator. Her patience, warmth, and understanding were evident in the way she interacted with her students. She was deeply devoted to her profession and had a genuine passion for working with children. The students’ faces would light up with joy whenever they saw her, a testament to the positive impact she had on their lives.

During their time in the education program at Herron School of Art, she and Rickson became acquainted. Webster, who has been teaching since 2008, has experience in both art and special education classes.

According to a statement from the Franklin Township Community School Corporation, Amanda was a remarkable teacher who always went above and beyond for her students. She was a true champion who made a positive impact on everyone she encountered.

As per the statement, Thompson Crossing Elementary School will provide counseling and bereavement support services to every student and staff member. This is a thoughtful measure to ensure that everyone affected by any unfortunate incident receives the necessary support and care.

According to Rickson, Webster was a beacon of positivity for those close to her. Her friends and family are grieving the loss of such a bright presence in their lives. Additionally, her colleagues and students are undoubtedly feeling disoriented and saddened by the unexpected news. Coping with this loss will be a challenging process that will take time.

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The Indianapolis Star reported that a teacher from Indiana who had gone missing in Puerto Rico is now presumed dead after her body was found. The article, which was originally published on the newspaper’s website, stated that the search for the missing teacher had been ongoing until her body was discovered. The tragic news has left the community in shock and has highlighted the dangers of traveling to unfamiliar places.

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