Reading scores in third grade exhibit progress, but with a caveat

Alabama schools receive third-grade test scores

Alabama schools have received the test scores for their third-grade students.

In the Wiregrass area, the Houston County Board of Education has achieved the highest pass rate compared to any other district. An impressive 96% of its students are reading on or above their level, which is a remarkable feat.

Brandy White, the superintendent of Houston County, expressed her excitement when sharing about how they were able to witness the results of their hard work.

In comparison to last year, Houston County has successfully increased its pass rates by 9%. This achievement holds significant importance, as it is the first year where students who could not score a minimum of 435 on the reading section of the Alabama Comprehensive Assessment Program (ACAP) could face retention.

Superintendent White emphasized the significance of retention and how they analyzed the data to prepare each student. The students were also informed about the data, and the teachers made sure to work hard on areas where they lacked.

Although the improvement is promising, the passing score for this year has decreased by almost 40 points.

Pass rates at almost 30 schools have increased by more than 30%.

Superintendent White pointed out that the growth figures may be slightly misleading due to the lower cut score set by the State Department. However, he emphasized that even if the cut score had not been changed, the school district would still have shown significant improvement. With regards to the Literacy Act, which introduced retention policies this year, he acknowledged that there were concerns, but the district has made efforts to analyze their performance in light of this new policy.

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Almost all of the traditional school districts in Alabama showed an increase in their percentage rates, with only seven districts not experiencing any improvements.

To prepare their children for the ACAP, Superintendent White advises parents with younger students to read with them as much as possible.

Superintendent White encourages parents to read with their students as frequently as possible. In his opinion, following the established plan and collaborating with teachers can significantly benefit a child’s education.

All districts in the Wiregrass region witnessed an improvement in their pass rates, except for Henry County, which experienced a slight decrease of 1%.

Pass rates at Slingluff Elementary of Dothan City Schools have surged by an impressive 20%, making it the school with the highest increase in the region.

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