New law mandating educational curriculums to be available online prompts responses from parents and educators

Alabama has recently passed a new law called the “Parental Right to Know” law. This legislation now requires educators to upload their learning plans onto online platforms, making them accessible for parents to view.

According to Reed, educators believed that providing parents with additional information about their children’s education would encourage them to become more involved. “This was seen as another way to engage parents in their children’s education,” Reed explained. “The more insight we can offer parents about what’s happening in the classroom, the more likely they are to participate.”

The main objective of the law is to equip parents with a better understanding of the daily activities in the classroom. According to Trenace Hayes, this will create an extra avenue for parents, such as herself, to collaborate with educators.

Hayes expressed his support for increased access to information and transparency, stating that having more tools to anticipate and address challenges would be beneficial. He emphasized the importance of having a better understanding of what is happening and identifying areas of focus to improve the learning experience.

According to News 19, Gardunia expressed her concern that teachers are being burdened with additional responsibilities. She stated that it may not be fair to hold teachers accountable for meeting the standards that have already been established by the state.

According to Gardunia, the teacher shortage in Alabama must be taken into account as educators are given more responsibilities. She believes that the majority of teachers have been collaborating with parents to improve their child’s education.

Gardunia expressed her disagreement with the notion that the text was written from a place of mistrust towards schools. As a public servant, she believes that it is not their job to keep secrets from families but to serve them.

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