Alabama resident injured in shark attack transferred to another hospital, family seeks custom prosthetics.

A bull shark attack while in the waters of the Florida panhandle has left a 15-year-old girl from Alabama in need of prosthetics. In hopes of having them fitted, she has been transferred to another hospital. The incident was reported by WDHN.

On Thursday, Lulu Gribbin was transferred from Ascension Sacred Heart Hospital in Pensacola to an undisclosed hospital through AirMed Medical Transport Jet, as per Ann Blair Gribbin.

After consulting with a renowned specialist in multi-extremity amputees, Ann Blair Gribbin made the decision to relocate her daughter, Lulu Gribbin, with the intention of obtaining prosthetics.

Ann Blair Gribbin stated that they did not make the decision lightly to have Lulu’s remaining surgeries and rehabilitation done in a different hospital setting. She mentioned that she prayed for guidance from God to help her and Joe, Lulu’s father, make the best decision for Lulu’s care. They believe that this decision will provide Lulu with the best opportunity to live a normal life with two prosthetics. According to Gribbin, this is the best medical option for Lulu and is another step in their journey to healing.

On Sunday, the young teenager underwent one of her numerous surgeries where the medical team carefully cleaned her wounds and eliminated any bacteria. Additionally, the surgeons started the process of closing the amputations to promote healing.

Ann Blair Gribbin shared details about the touching farewell that Lulu Gribbin received from the hospital staff at Sacred Heart in the latest update.

Ann Blair Gribbin vividly remembers the day they left the hospital with her daughter, Lulu, on a stretcher. As they wheeled Lulu out of the PICU and through the double doors, they were greeted by a seemingly endless line of nurses and doctors who had helped save Lulu, as well as those who had been with her since. The halls were filled with cheers, music, and even silly string, which they all took part in spraying. It was a truly unforgettable moment and a heartfelt send-off for their beloved girl.

As Lulu was preparing to leave Sacred Heart, a delightful surprise awaited her. She was visited by a cute and cuddly four-legged friend, which brought a smile to her face before bidding farewell.

Ann Blair Gribbin shared that the child support therapist brought in a surprise on Wednesday – an emotional support dog named Sherlock. Sherlock is a golden doodle with a beautiful and prominent golden coat. Although he had some slight curly hair on the inside of his ears, he did not appear to have many characteristics of a doodle. Upon his arrival, Sherlock went straight to Lulu’s bed and lay with her, providing her with emotional support.

As Ann Blair Gribbin puts it, Lulu and Ellie Gribbin are passionate about their furry companions, and they made sure to spend some quality time with their beloved dog Sherlock before he was taken away on a transport jet. The twin sisters even cuddled with Sherlock on the hospital bed, showing just how much they care for him.

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