According to Yelp, is this the top doughnut shop in Alabama?

A big app has recently given recognition to some small doughnuts.

Bigfoot’s Little Donuts, a Huntsville-based establishment, has been selected by Yelp to represent Alabama in their recently launched “Best Donut Shop in Every State” list.

Yelp’s “Elite,” a group of active users known for producing high-quality content on the platform, compiled the list.

According to Yelp’s list, Bigfoot’s doughnuts are described as “perfect little bites” that are super light and fried to perfection with a slight crunch.

Bigfoot’s Little Donuts started out as a passion project in 2013 by Brian Steele and his wife, while Steele was still working as a government contractor. Initially, the business operated as a food trailer, but as the demand for their delicious donuts increased, they upgraded to a larger trailer. The success of the business led to the opening of their first brick-and-mortar shop in south Huntsville about six years ago. Today, they have expanded to a second location in Madison.

Brian, the owner of the business, named it after his favorite movie from 1987, “Harry and the Hendersons.” The first part of the name pays homage to the film, while the second part is quite literal, as the business specializes in making mini cake donuts that can be cooked quickly without the need for proofing. These donuts can be ordered by the dozen and are served fresh and hot.

Based in San Francisco, Yelp reports that Bigfoot’s mini doughnuts come in an impressive 63 flavors. Owner Brian Steele recommends trying the delectable cinnamon roll and maple glaze. A satisfied Yelp Elite member named Maddie H. raves, “These are some of the most incredible donuts I’ve ever tasted. We devoured the entire box without any regrets. Bigfoot’s is truly a Huntsville treasure.”

During the summer of 2023, we ranked the top doughnut spots in the Huntsville area. Bigfoot’s Little Donuts came in at number three, while K-May Donuts in Meridianville took the second spot and Wow Donuts in Madison claimed the top spot. Our team at highly recommends trying the strawberry cream, wedding cake, and salted caramel flavors at Bigfoot’s Little Donuts.

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