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How He Did It: Silver Spring Wings Sold Out In First Week Despite Covid Environment

MBS Staff
Silver Spring Wings

Chef Evan Walton was faced with a sink-or-swim situation, give up on his ambitions to create a sit-down restaurant he has long dreamed of opening or adapt to the current Covid-landscape that has turned prosperous restaurants into ones now struggling to hang on. He chose the latter.

Last Friday Walton opened Silver Spring Wings and less than a week later had to stop taking orders because of overwhelming demand. The company is only in its soft-opening phase (expected to last through June), but Walton is already experiencing a problem that many restaurants would love to have in the current environment.

Walton had to be creative using his commercial kitchen at Distribution Circle in Silver Spring, there was no guarantee his new business would be successful let alone sold-out in its first week. Instead of opening in a full-fledged restaurant space with indoor and outdoor seating, Silver Spring Wings is getting by (for now) by taking orders online, by phone and promoting through social media.

“I created this brand and a couple others to adjust to the restaurant industry shift, due to COVID-19.” stated Walton.

Walton is no stranger to the food business and boasts a roster of big-name corporate clients such as Lockheed Martin, Marriott, Microsoft, Capital One, Amazon, Hilton, Ledios, Northrop, and many more. Before Silver Spring Wings he ran RECESS, a boutique corporate catering service company he started about 2 years ago but when COVID-19 hit his catering business faltered.

“Most of these companies now have employees working from home which crushed our business. I had two options close for good or pivot & adjust. I love this industry too much to let it all go.” noted Walton. “[But] Corporate catering & Take out & delivery are two different monsters.”

Silver Spring Wings is keeping its menu simple, offering four types of wings such as Boneless and Naked but making sure they are good enough to keep customers coming back.

They also have a slew of sides that compliment their wings from House Fried Rice to Creamy Cole Slaw. If you have a sweet tooth there’s also Strawberry Shortcake and Double Fudge Brownie you can add to your order.

Busy with fulfillments, Walton will open up Silver Spring Wings for orders again on June 6. For now, he’s happy that’s he’s been able to change his situation for the better and continue on his path towards his goals.

“My dream is to have a sit down restaurant one day but we are far out, even further now that COVID-19 has struck. For now we will offer online ordering for pickup or delivery. At the right time, we will hire our own drivers to create a first-class delivery experience. Right now I am taking it one day at a time and seeking investors to help us grow.”

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