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Silver Spring’s United Therapeutics is the Mastermind Behind the First Successful Pig Heart Transplant; Surgery at Maryland Hospital

MBS Staff
United Therapeutics Headquarters in downtown Silver Spring with demolition for expansion in background.

You probably won’t find the company’s name in the articles from the big media outlets, but management at Silver Spring-based United Therapeutics (NASDAQ: UTHR) are the masterminds behind what is making top headlines around the world.

The Montgomery County biotech made history again when surgeons at the University of Maryland Medical Center in Baltimore successfully transplanted a genetically modified pig heart into a 57-year old man, according to reports.

The goal was to have the patient’s body accept the heart without rejection. It’s part of a long-planned journey that United Therapeutics has mapped out, eventually leading to 3D printed lungs.

With the shortage of donated human organs desperately needed for transplant, the long-term success of United Therapeutics endeavors would be a game changer. A subsidiary of United Therapeutics called Revivicor was tasked with the operation, but the capacity for manufacturing the organs is possible at the company’s headquarters in downtown Silver Spring, along Spring Street. 

Plans have been submitted to the Montgomery County Planning Department for 65,000 square foot office building that could also aid in eventually making organs for transplant.

United Therapeutics stock is also seeing a big jump. Moving up more than 4.5 percent to reach a high of $211.01 and $9.5 billion market capitalization.

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