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Rockville Solar Company Teams Up With Farmers For Renewable Energy Project

MBS Staff
Standard Solar Installation with workers

On The Fritz Family Farm in Carroll County, Rockville-based Standard Solar is delivering on a renewable energy project that can send enough energy to power more than 500 homes for a year.

The project is not for the farm itself but is actually delivering power for the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission (WSSC) Water that maintains water and sewage services for Montgomery and Prince George's Counties.

The Fritz Family Farm, which dates back to 1912 has 400 acres, the owners thought it would be a good idea to generate additional income outside cattle, corn and soybeans by bringing Standard Solar onto the farm to build a 7,336-panel high efficiency solar energy project.

“This project provides economic benefit to the landowner, operator and community while harnessing clean renewable energy,” said Jeffrey Fritz, Fritz Family Farms, LLC. “We have been using our own solar energy in our operation since 2014 and felt this was an excellent opportunity to diversify our income.”

Standard Solar also worked with two other Maryland-based companies — Earth and Air Technologies LLC and Ogos Energy LLC — to develop and build a single-axis tracking solar array that is configured to work with Maryland’s Virtual Aggregate Net Energy Metering program or ANEM. It was introduced through Maryland’s 2019 Clean Energy Jobs Act.

It’s not the first time Standard Solar and WSSC Water have worked together, they have an estimated 19,000 MWh in energy projects to show for, including projects in Germantown and Upper Marlboro.

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