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Maryland Ranks High on Most & Least Innovative States List from WalletHub

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With a projected $600 billion to be spent on research and development in 2022 (more than any other country on Earth according to WalletHub), United States ranks third on the Global Innovation Index but how do individual states stack up against each other? There’s a list for that, too.  

Wallethub ranked all 50 states and the District of Columbia to see who was the most and least innovative in the country.

In order to determine the most and least innovative states, it compared jurisdictions across two key dimensions, “Human Capital” and “Innovation Environment.” Both dimensions used a total of 22 weighted metrics.

For example, the share of STEM Professionals had a Double Weight of approximately 14.29 points on the list and was the most valuable metric under Human Capital. While the Share of Technology Companies Double Weight was approximately 5.56 and matched with R&D Spending per Capita under the Innovation Environment.

Maryland held an outstanding showing, good for number four overall, the flagship state ranked in the top five in 6 out of 8 categories as follows:

Highest Share of STEM Professionals

#3. Maryland

Highest Projected STEM-Job Demand by 2028

#5 Maryland

Highest Share of Science & Engineering Graduates Aged 25+

#3 Maryland

Highest Share of Technology Companies

#3 Maryland

Highest R&D Spending per Capita

#5 Maryland

Fastest Average Internet Speed

#2 Maryland

The separate jurisdictions that make up the Washington, D.C. area (Maryland, Virginia and Washington, D.C.) all made the top 10. For more information visit the list.

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