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Could This Be A Rendering Of The Future Kaiser Permanente Aspen Hill Medical Center? Most Likely

MBS Staff
 Kaiser Permanente Aspen Hill Medical Center Rendering

It’s not expected to open until 2022 but plans for the Kaiser Permanente Aspen Hill Medical Center continue to be in development by Kaiser Permanente of the Mid-Atlantic States. The other day Montgomery Business Scene reported the company’s document submitals to Montgomery County Planning were updated in late April. The healthcare provider — with its D.C. area regional headquarters in Rockville, is planning to develop a large medical center at 13900 Connecticut Avenue.

A rendering has surfaced that could very well be what the future Kaiser Permanente Aspen Hill Medical Center will look like when completed. The architect CannonDesign said on the buildings profile page that the owner is a confidential healthcare client using a modular design build model from Maryland to California. The square footage of the new Medical Office Building model fits within the specifications of the Aspen Hill medical center with approximately 125,000 square feet of space. The building in the rendering also appears to be about 60’feet in height and the L-shaped building has a similar layout to engineering drawings by Germantown-based Vika.

Kaiser Permanente purchased the 10.4 acre site early last year that was previously owned by Silver Spring-based Lee Development Group. The current main structure on the site was the former office of Vitro Corporation, a defense contractor that was eventually purchased by BAE Systems, Inc.

edited: 05-15-2020 2:45 P.M.
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