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“Holy Chow" Clash Erupts Over Mask Mandate at Montgomery County Restaurant

MBS Staff
Holy Chow restaurant argument in Wheaton, Montgomery County, Maryland from twitter.

An argument erupted between a pair of employees and customers at a kosher-Chinese restaurant located in Wheaton. The altercation was recorded by one of the customers involved and has since gone viral on twitter.

Employees of the Holy Chow restaurant told the customers that they had to wear a mask, or they could not take their order. One of the employees said they had to follow the Montgomery County mandate but was not refusing the customer's service. 2022.

The argument continued between the two groups for about two minutes until customers decided to refuse service and exit the establishment but were still vocal as they went out the door.

 “Have a little bit of humanity and decency and stand up for what’s morally correct cause if they start saying to shoot the unvaccinated or shoot the people that don't have a mask you’re going to do it right?” The female customer continued, “...being human is not a freaking crime, we were born with no mask on.”

The Montgomery County Council extended its indoor masking guidance in public spaces to until Feb. 21,

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