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Germantown’s Qiagen Completes U.S. Federal Contract to Detect Spread of COVID-19

MBS Staff
Qiagen lab facility.

Image: Qiagen

A Biotech with U.S. headquarters in Germantown has completed a U.S. government contract that will help equip public health laboratories across the country with a proprietary system that monitors the spread of the COVID-19.

Qiagen N.V. (NYSE: QGEN) sent 35 of its QIAcuity digital PCR system to state and local health laboratories. The system monitors the spread of COVID-19 by testing wastewater for the presence of SARS-CoV-2 pathogens.

The multi-million-dollar contract from Bethesda-based National Institutes of Health (NIH) allowed Qiagen at least one laboratory in 70% of all U.S. states with the QIAcuity system for wastewater surveillance system. It allows them to receive rapid results in two hours instead of six that competitors offer.

“This contract to QIAGEN has allowed public health laboratories to have rapid access to extraction equipment and supplies that are enabling them to do both surveillance and wastewater testing to support pandemic response,” said Scott J. Becker, M.S., Chief Executive Officer, Association of Public Health Laboratories, in Silver Spring, Maryland.

“This accelerated ability has enabled public health laboratories to serve communities across the country. QIAGEN was incredibly responsive to the many needs of APHL member labs and worked tirelessly to support and address public health concerns.”

Qiagen had approximately $1.87 billion in global sales for 2020 with largest portion of 44 percent coming from the Americas region.

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