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Clarksburg Robotics Company First Funding Round is One of the Largest Ever in the D.C. Area

MBS Staff

Image: Robotic Research / RR.AI

Clarksburg-based Robotic Research/RR.AI funding round is the biggest this year in the entire D.C. metropolitan area. It’s also the companies first funding that its successfully raised.

RR.AI brought in a massive amount of funding to the tune of $228 million making it by far the largest so far in fourth quarter and the largest for the entire year.

“This investment reflects our success in developing autonomous solutions for our U.S. government customers, and will provide the resources needed to meet our growing commercial customer demand and the expansion of our commercial efforts,” said Alberto Lacaze, CEO, Robotic Research. “Our long history and experience has enabled us to develop a proven solution that is not only rugged, safe, and reliable, but also versatile and ideal for operating across a variety of environments, weather conditions, and use cases.”

Robotic Research said the funding will propel its commercial division, RR.AI, to deliver autonomous driving solutions for commercial truck, bus, drayage and logistics vehicles.

Robotic Research uses the old Comsat Campus as a proving ground for its robotic technology.

Investors in the Series A round include SoftBank Vision Fund 2, Crescent Cove Advisors, Henry Crown and Company, Luminar Technologies, Inc and Chevy Chase-based Enlightenment Capital.