Bethesda Financial Company Gets Erroneously Mixed-Up In Teenage Girls Assault Incident

MBS Staff
Anthony Brennan III

The incident in Bethesda that involved a man attacking two teenage girls and another man recording the assault has made national news but before the assailant was identified a number of posts on Twitter wrongly accused another man that works for a Bethesda-based financial company.

The correct attacker from the incident has been identified as Anthony Brennan III. Brennan apparently turned himself in and was in police custody. He’s been slapped with second-degree assault.

A video surfaced showing Brennan approaching two teenage girls as they posted fliers in support of George Floyd protests. Brennan who was biking on the Capital Crescent Trail approached one girl holding the fliers, a violent struggle ensues that involved Brennan pulling on the girls arms and shoving her away. He gets hold of the fliers and attacks another girl that came to the defense of the first. After Brennan got hold of the fliers he approached a man recording the incident using his bike as a weapon and either knocked the man and or his cell phone down to the ground.

On Twitter, people posted wrong information misidentifying the attacker. One twitter post read , "Apparently his name is Peter Weinberg of Bethesda, Maryland." while another poster replied with, "This is the bike guy: Peter Weisberg. ProShares marketing. Hedge fund guy.”

ProShares is a financial firm headquartered in downtown Bethesda that specializes in ETFs.

Peter Weinberg, Senior Marketing Director at the company posted a tweet to clear his name. “I recently learned I have been misidentified in connection with a deeply disturbing attack. Please know this was not me. I have been in touch with the authorities and will continue to help any way possible.”

Brennan was released on bail but is expected to be back in court soon.

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